Moon Sighting

The first day of the month of Rabi`-uth-thani has been confirmed to be Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A documentary exploring the way in which modesty is defined throughout history, culture and religious background, primarily Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

Advice from Father to Son
The advice found in Letter 31 in Nahjul Balagha are a complete code of practice for success both in this world and the hereafter. Each sentence holds the key to purifying the soul, training the spirit and a basis on which we can build ourselves. Many of the sentences require a commentary to be fully understood for which tens of books have been written, some of which are more than twenty volumes long. Several scholars have written commentaries based entirely on this will . . .

The Significance of Self-control and Self-purification
It is a common idea amongst all religious and spiritual traditions that human beings should have some kind of self-control. Although we enjoy free will, we need to exercise our free will in a responsible way. In the same way that we expect others to respect our dignity and interests, we should respect . . .

Prayer Timming

  Prayer Timing
Monday February 8th, 2016
28 Rabi`-uth-thani 1437
  Imsak: 6.26
  Fajr: 6.31
  Sunrise: 8.07
  Zuhr: 12.48
  Sunset: 5.31
  Maghrib: 5.47

Words of Wisdom

  28 Rabi`-uth-thani 1437

"In no way is Allah worshipped better than by fulfilling the right of a believer."  Imam Sadiq [a.s.