Moon Sighting

The first day of the month of Dhul-qa`adah has been confirmed to be Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Ahlulbayt TV presents the documentary "Pilgrimage to God" explaining Islam's holy pilgrimage Hajj to Mecca.

Hajj and its Meaning
Hajj - the central pillar of the Ummah's unity and Islam's strength - is obligatory for all Muslims who are able to afford it. Hajj is a hope for salvation in this global society of corruption and moral pollution. We know that the world in which we live in man's spiritual assets are being plundered. The sublime spiritual virtues, being the only source of human dignity and a criterion for humanity, have lost their value and are gradually being removed from man's life. . .

Journeying to GOD
Alexander Khaleeli explores the mindset that pilgrims to God's House should cultivate to make the most of this sacred journey. . .

Women's Liberation Through Islam
Today people think that women are liberated in the West and that the women's liberation movement began in the 20th century. Actually, the women's liberation movement was not begun by women but was revealed by God to a man in the seventh century by the name of Muhammad (peace be upon him), who is known as the last Prophet of Islam. The Qur'an, the Traditions of the Prophet (Hadith or Sunnah), Bibi Fatimah (as) and the teachings of the 12 Imams are the sources from which every Muslim woman derives her rights and duties. . .

Prayer Timming

  Prayer Timing
Friday August 18th, 2017
25 Dhul-qa`adah 1438
  Imsak: 4.33
  Fajr: 4.38
  Sunrise: 6.18
  Zuhr: 1.38
  Sunset: 8.55
  Maghrib: 9.12

Words of Wisdom

  25 Dhul-qa`adah 1438

Restrain yourself from what is harmful before you breathe your last. And make efforts to ensure the freedom of your soul just as you make efforts to earn your livelihood because your soul is under the influence of your actions and it cannot be freed without your efforts  Imam Jaffer Sadiq (as) {Wasa'ilush Shi'ah, vol.II, p.40}


  • Dua Iftitah
    Du' al-Iftitah was taught by the Twelfth Imam Imam Mehdi (as) to recite every night during the month Ramadhan. The Du'a is excellent for moulding man's attitude towards his Creator, as it discusses many aspects of the wretchedness of the human being, and the grace of Allah.
  • Dua Joshan Kabir
    This supplication has 100 sections and each section contains 10 names of Allah (swt). An effective supplication with numerous merits -highly recommended to be recited on these auspicious nights.
  • Imam Ali Library
    Ahlulbayt TV visit one of the most famous public libraries in Najaf, established in the holy shrine of Imam Ali (as). We learn how students and researchers benefit from the message of the Ahlulbayt in this librray in the holy shrine.
  • Modesty in all faiths
    A documentary exploring the way in which modesty is defined throughout history, culture and religious background, primarily Islam, Christianity and Judaism.