Salaamun Alaykum,

Please click below for the full Ramadhan program. Any program changes to the attached calendar will be updated in the weekly email.
ISIA Annoucements
  • The Ramadhan fund is open and the target for this year is $20,000. Please donate generously towards this fund.
  • Ramadhan Relief Fund is also open, all funds collected this year will be distributed towards NASIMCO Relief Fund and Food Hampers via Islamic Family and Social Services Association (IFSSA).
  • Anyone who would like to recite at upcoming programs is requested to email the Program Organizer at
  • ISIA will once again host in preparing Food Hampers in the Holy month of Ramadhan on Saturday, June 9th from 11am - 1pm. We welcome once again volunteers ages 10yrs and up to register. Please spare some time and come out to volunteer. We request minimum 20 volunteers from all Shia Communities to participate in this noble deed and help with packing.  Kindly contact Sr. Kaniz Mavani 780-709-5416 Br. Husain Awada +1 (587) 596-0808

  • Introducing Ramadhan App 1439/2018 
    ‘MARHABA RAMADHAN’ - exclusive for Edmonton! 
    Everyday Salaah timetable with Duas in Arabic and English translation, Sehri & short Duas, Idd Salaah with Qunoot dua. We invite our Edmonton community members to utilize and share the App with family and friends. Please click here to download the app. Please click here to download the app documentation pdf. For further info/queries please contact Sis. Kaniz Mavani at 780-709-5416 

  • Please see below message from the Ladies committee:

    Ladies Committee is looking for sponsors for Children’s Iftar on the Full Iftar nights. Pasta dishes, Pizza, or anything child friendly. 
    Please contact Sis. Farhana Mohamed at 780-918-5415 to sign up
    We are still looking for sponsors for Sehri on the 3 Amaal nights. We need someone to sign up to make a Breakfast Entrée for 50 people (or more)
    Eggs, Curry, Pasta, etc.
    Please contact Sis. Farhana Mohamed at 780-918-5415 to sign up. Please Click here for more details

    ISIA Ladies will be having their Scrabble Tournament on Fridays at 11:30pm . If you are interested in participating, please contact Sis. Sayyeda Mavani at 780-239-9626

    Please click the below links for information regarding the Eid Gift Exchange
    Adults/Seniors Gift Exchange
    Kids Gift Exchange

Program Information For The Week Of May 22nd to May 27th
Potluck iftaar:
The potluck iftaar for Friday May 25th, June 1st, & June 8th will be coordinated by Sis. Riffat Aziz.

Tuesday, May 22: 6 Ramadhan
7:30 PM: Qur'an Khwani followed by Dua al Iftitah

Wednesday, May 23:  7 Ramadhan
7:30 PM: Qur'an Khwani followed by Dua al Iftitah

Thursday, May 24: 8 Ramadhan
7:30 PM: Qur'an Khwani followed by Dua al Iftitah.

Friday May 25: 9 Ramadhan
1:30 PM: Salaatul Jumuah led by Mulla Riyaz Shivji

7:45 PM: Qur'an Khwani followed by Dua al Iftitah, Ramadhan Masael (Ahkaam/Rules) Session with Mulla Riyaz Shivji, Salaat followed by potluck iftaar 
Please contact Sis. Riffat at +1 (780) 257-6786 if you plan to participate in the potluck iftaar to receive pertinent details.

Saturday May 26: 10 Ramadhan - Wafaat of Sayyida Khadija (A)
7:00 PM: Visit to South Haven Cemetery for Sura Yasin recitation.

7:45 PMQur'an Khwani, Dua al Iftitah followed by Majlis by Imam Dr. Usama al Atar, Salaat followed by full sponsored iftaar. Please note that Dua Iftitah for gents will be held in the basement.

Sunday May 27: 11 Ramadhan
7:45 PMQur'an Khwani followed by Dua al Iftitah

Program Organizer, Islamic Shi'a Ithna-Asheri Association of Edmonton