Salaam Alaykum,
Program Information For The Week Of January 15th To January 21st

In addition to the following programs:

  • Salaat-ul-Dhuhr and Salaat-ul-Asr will be held at awwal time on Tuesday through Sunday
  • Salaat-ul-Maghrib and Salaat-ul-Isha'a will be held at 5:30 PM on Wednesday and Friday, and at awwal time on Saturday and Sunday

Tuesday, January 16:
7:30 PM: Du'a Tawassul, Lecture by Sheikh Saleem Bhimji

Thursday, January 18:
7:30 PMSurah Ya Seen, Dua Kumayl, Lecture by Sheikh Saleem Bhimji, Ziyarat Waritha
Surah Ya Seen will be recited for the isaal-e-thawab of all marhumeen and especially for the following:

  • Marhum Syed Sadaqat Hussein Shah (father of Br. Syed Fakhar Abbas)

Friday, January 19:
12:45 PM: Salaat-ul-Jumuah led by Sheikh Saleem Bhimji
7:30 PM: Khums Seminar with Sheikh Saleem Bhimji. The session will include discussion, question & answer, pizza, and refreshments.

ISIA Announcements
  • There will be a Khums seminar hosted by Sheikh Saleem Bhimji at ISIA on Friday, January 19th at 7:30 PM. The session will include discussion, question & answer, pizza, and refreshments
  • We will be commemorating the Fatimiyya from January 30th to February 2nd with visiting Aalim Syed Saghir Hussain
  • There will be a ladies majlis on Friday, February 16th to commemorate the Shahadat of Bibi Fatima (A). The program will begin at 7:30 PM.
  • 2018 Calendars are now available. All members can see an executive committee member to receive their complimentary copy
  • 2018 Membership fees are now due. Please submit your payment to any member of the executive committee. If you are interested in becoming a member of ISIA, please contact
  • As a reminder to all attendees to our programs, please do not congregate around the exit doors in order to facilitate exiting for others
  • Anyone who would like to recite at upcoming programs is requested to email
Upcoming Programs
Friday, January 19th:Khums Seminar
Tuesday, January 30th - 
Friday, February 2nd:
Fatimiyya Programs with Syed Saghir Hussain
Friday, February 16th:Ladies Majlis - Shahadat of Bibi Fatima (A)
Other Announcements
  • The Tasnim Society is resuming their weekly swimming program. Please see the table below for more information
  • The Ansar Youth Association is hosting a Ladies' Waterpark event on Sunday, March 4th. Please see the poster below for further details
  • Please note the following book for sale from Br. Akbar Bhimji
  • The newest activity books in the Knowing the Masumeen can be purchased for $5 from Sis. Kaniz Mavani or Br. Akbar Bhimji

Program Organizer, Islamic Shi'a Ithna-Asheri Association of Edmonton