Salaamun Alaykum,
ISIA Announcements:

- We are looking for volunteers to help paint the fence around the perimeter of our center on Saturday July 21st, 2018 @ 3:00 PM. This will be a great opportunity to work together and make the center look nicer. This event will be followed by a BBQ for all the volunteers. Please email Br. Shakir Lila at to sign up. Don't forget to put on your painting clothes.

- We will have a visiting speaker Syed Ali Imran in our community from Aug 16th to Aug 31st, 2018. Anyone who is interested in hosting our guest is kindly requested to contact Br. Mahmood Mavani by July 20th, 2018.

- On Tuesday July 24, 2018 at 7:45 pm, the Trustees of ISIA are calling an Election for the Ladies Committee.The Trustees formally invites nominations to the Voting members in good standing for the position of the Chairlady. The nominations must be sent to by July 23rd, 2018. We urge all eligible members to attend and vote.

“Verily what will continue to teach a believer after his death from his actions are: the knowledge which he taught and spread, the righteous child whom he left behind, and the Holy Script which he delivered as heritage.” (Prophet Muhammad SAW)
We are looking for teacher volunteers for the upcoming madressah year - both for Qur’an and Dinyat (Core) subjects!
We will do our best to accommodate your level of commitment and age preferences.
Please contact Br. Abbas Panju at to sign up today!

Program Information For The Week Of July 16 to July 22
Thursday, July 19th:
7:45 PM: Suratul Yasin, Dua Kumayl, Video Lecture, Ziyarat Waritha, 

Suratul Yasin will be recited for the Isaale thawaab of all marhumeen and espeically for the following:
  • Marhum Syed Sadaqat Hussein Shah (father of Br. Syed Fakhar Abbas)
  • Marhuma Zainabbai Hassan Ahmed Bandali (Aunt of Sis. Shirin Alidina)
  • Marhum Abdulrasul Manek and Marhuma Khairunbai Adbulrasul Manek (Parents of Sis. Masuma Lila)

Friday, July 20th: 
1:40 PM: Salaatul Jumuah will be led by Mulla Riyaz Shivji

Sunday, July 22nd:
5:00 PM: Suratul Yasin recitation at the South Haven Cemetery (5004 Meridian St NW)
Upcoming Programs:

Tuesday July 24th: Wiladat of Imam Ali Ridha (A)

Other Announcements:

Program Organizer, Islamic Shi'a Ithna-Asheri Association of Edmonton