History of AZM

History of Madressah

The Madressah in Minnesota had a very humble beginning. A longtime community member started official Madressah classes in 1984 with eight students in the basement of her house. The following year, the Madressah grew. Due to larger class size, the Madressah was moved to a community center in Crystal and later to North Hennepin Technical College.

Gradually, as more families found out about the classes and interest escalated, parents enrolled their children. Consequently, four years later in 1989, the number of students enrolled increased. Alhamdullilah, by then classes were held in the newly built Islamic Center. In 1994, the Imambara proved to be too small to house the ever-increasing number of pupils, thus the community embarked upon building a Madressah center. Once again, the community felt the hand of generosity from all over as donations came in from across the globe.

On September 10, 1995, the groundbreaking ceremony was held to plant firmly that second seed. In 1996, the Madressah Center was built. After its completion, the center was first used during the commemoration of the SHAHADAT OF IMAM HUSSEIN (A.S.) on the night of Ashur. Just as the Ja’afari Islamic Center was opened on the birth of Imam Hussein, the Madressah building happened to be accessible during his death anniversary. The early gatherings resulted due to the desire of remembering one of the greatest martyrs of human history, now Anjuman-e-Asghari is able to pay homage in a greater way due to their dedication over the years. Today, there are over 100 students attending Madressah and continuously learning about the legacy which the Aimmah left behind. We can only pray now that the Almighty bless the Muslim ummah, and guide us all to sow good in this world, so that we may reap in the hereafter, Inshallah.