Facilities Reservations

Thank you for considering Anjuman e Asghari for your event needs. To ensure a smooth and efficient booking process, please follow these steps:

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 Familiarize yourself with the facilities and rental terms outlined in the next section.

2. Submit the Request FormClick here
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3. Follow-Up
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4. Confirmation & Payment
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Whether you’re planning a community gathering, a weekly sports event, a private function, or an educational event, our facilities provide the ideal setting to suit your needs. We offer three versatile buildings available for rent: a spacious and well-equipped gym, a serene mosque, and a functional madrassah building. We also offer various extra equipment and services to complement your building rental.

Our spacious MPC is perfect for sports events, fitness classes, and large gatherings. Equipped with a full-length sports court, separate entrances for ladies and gents, a fully equipped kitchen, and audio-visual services, it can comfortably accommodate a significant number of guests. The MPC is ideal for large events like weddings, receptions, and parties.

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MPC Kitchen OnlyVariable$150 per day
Sporting Events – MPC OnlyMax. 4 hours$25 per hour
Private Events (Birthdays, Family Dinners, etc.) – MembersMax. 4 hours$50 per hour
Private Events (Birthdays, Family Dinners, etc.) – Non-MembersMax. 4 hours$75 per hour
Weddings, Receptions, Tournaments – MembersVariable$1200 per event*
Weddings, Receptions, Tournaments – Non-MembersVariable$1400 per event*
Table and chairs rental included in all events regardless of event type and duration.
*Kitchen, sound system, and parking assistance included in rental
Additional Equipment & ServicesDurationRate
Sound system assistanceMax. 4 hours$100 per event
Partial Set-up (Team to bring chairs/tables in the rented space)Max. 4 hours$50 per event
Full Set-up
(Team to set up and take down of tables/chairs in rented space)
Max. 4 hours$100 per event

The Imambargah building offers a tranquil environment suitable for religious ceremonies, spiritual gatherings, and reflective moments. It is designed to provide a serene and sacred space for all attendees.
(Max Capacity: XXX).
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Ideal for educational sessions, workshops, and smaller community and family gatherings, the madrassah building is a versatile space that can be arranged to meet various needs.
(Max Capacity: XXX).
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To enhance your event experience, we can also provide a range of extra equipment and services, click on any of the one pagers above for more information.

Tables and chairs offsite (rectangular) + white chairs 24 hours
Cooking EquipmentVariable
Carnival Games & EquipmentVariable

Please review our Rental Terms and Conditions (Insert Link) for detailed information on pricing, usage guidelines, and policies to ensure a smooth and successful event experience.